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2016 Fellows

Toni Alexander

  • Assistant Dean - Business and Finance, College of Humanities

Juan Alvarez

  • Police Lieutenant, UA Police Department

SevaPriya Barrier

  • Senior Associate Dean, Dean of Students Office

Sue Brown

  • Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

James Burns

  • Director, UA Museum of Art

Christopher Cokinos

  • Director, Creative Writing, Department of English

Julie Cole

  • Professor, Geosciences and Chair, Global Change GIDP, Department of Geosciences

Lisa Elfring

  • Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Rakhi Gibbons

  • Assistant Director for Biomedical and Life Sciences Licensing, Tech Launch Arizona

Tannis Gibson

  • Professor and Assistant Director, School of Music

Michael Halpern

  • Associate Professor and Section Director, Public Health Policy & Management

John Kemeny

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering

Kent Kwoh

  • Professor, Department of Medicine

Kirsten Limesand

  • Associate Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences

David Lowenthal

  • Professor and Associate Head, Department of Computer Science

Brian Mayer

  • Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Abra McAndrew

  • Director, Academic Initiatives and Project Development

Anthony Muscat

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Anna O'leary

  • Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American Studies

Peter Reiners

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Geosciences

Mari Ricker

  • Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Helena Rodrigues

  • Director, HR Strategy and Planning, Division of Human Resources

Rebekah Salcedo

  • Director, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Brian Silverstein

  • Associate Professor, School of Anthropology, Center for Turkish Studies

Xubin Zeng

  • Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Lynn Zwaagstra

  • Director, Campus Recreation