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Beth Acree

  • University Registrar

Nick Adamakis

  • Director, Student Affairs Marketing
  • Associate Director, Student Unions

Kathy Adams Riester

  • Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students Office

Toni Alexander

  • Assistant Dean - Business and Finance, College of Humanities

Fabian Alfie

  • Professor, Italian
  • Head, Department of French and Italian

Jennifer L. Allie

  • Executive Director, Office of Faculty Affairs, College of Medicine - Phoenix

Maribel Alvarez

  • Jim Griffith Public Folklore Chair, The Southwest Center
  • Associate Professor, School of Anthropology
  • Executive Director, Southwest Folklife Alliance

Juan Alvarez

  • Police Lieutenant, UA Police Department

Parker Antin

  • Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agnes Attakai

  • Director Health Disparities Outreach Prevention Education, Center for Rural Health-Center for American Indian Resilience

Damián Baca

  • Associate Professor, Director of the Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English Program, English

Angela Baldasare

  • Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, University Analytics and Institutional Research

SevaPriya Barrier

  • Senior Associate Dean, Dean of Students Office

Carol Bender

  • University Distinguished Outreach Professor
  • Director, UBRP & BRAVO!
  • Professor in Practice, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Laura Berry

  • Associate Professor, English
  • Associate Dean, UA Honors College

Dana Bleau

  • Executive Director, International Faculty & Scholars, Global Initiatives

Andreas Blume

  • Professor, Economics

Kevin Bonine

  • Director, Education & Outreach, Biosphere 2 and College of Science

Jason Brei

  • Police Commander, UA Police Department

Michael Brewer

  • Team Leader for Instructional Services, UA Libraries

Margaret Briehl

  • Professor, Pathology

Keith Brittain

  • Commander, Operations Support, The University of Arizona Police Department

Heddwen L. Brooks

  • Chair, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, Physiological Sciences
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Physiology
  • Member, BIO5/Arizona Center on Aging/Sarver Heart Center

Joseph P. Broschak

  • Associate Professor, Management & Organizations
  • Interim Executive Director, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship

Meg Lota Brown

  • Professor, Department of English
  • Affiliate Faculty in Gender and Women's Studies Department
  • Director of Graduate Studies in English

Sue Brown

  • Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

Melody Buckner

  • Director of Digital Learning and Online Education, Office of Digital Learning

Randy Burd

  • Assistant Vice President for Program Innovation, Office of Outreach and Global Initiatives
  • Assistant Director of Distance and Global Initiatives, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Jefferey L. Burgess

  • Professor and Director, Division of Community, Environment and Policy, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

James Burns

  • Director, UA Museum of Art

Todd Camenisch

  • Director of Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships
  • Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology

Monica J. Casper

  • Professor and Department Head, Gender and Women's Studies

Ravneet Chadha

  • Associate Director, Business Intelligence, University Analytics & Institutional Research

Ben Champion

  • Director, Office of Sustainability

Zhao Chen

  • Professor & Division Director, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Elliott Cheu

  • Professor, Physics
  • Associate Dean, College of Science

Alexander G. Chiu

  • Professor and Chief, Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine

Barbara W. Citera

  • Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor, History, University of Arizona South

Renée T. Clift

  • Professor, Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies
  • Associate Dean, College of Education

Christopher Cokinos

  • Director, Creative Writing, Department of English

Julie Cole

  • Professor, Geosciences and Chair, Global Change GIDP, Department of Geosciences

Sonia Colina

  • Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Spanish and Portuguese

Kathryn Conrad

  • Director, The University of Arizona Press

Arezu Corella

  • Assistant Director, Academic Success and Achievement

Erica L. Corral

  • Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering

David Cuillier

  • Director of the School of Journalism

Tara K. Cunningham

  • Executive Director, Admissions and Recruitment, College of Medicine – Phoenix

Kátia da Costa Bezerra

  • Associate Professor, Luso-Brazilian Culture Studies
  • Associate Head, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Javier D. Duran

  • Director, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry
  • Professor, Spanish & Border Studies
  • Chair, Committee of Eleven

Alain-Philippe Durand

  • Professor, French and Affiliated Faculty, Latin American Studies
  • Director, School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC)
  • Interim Director, Africana Studies

Lisa Elfring

  • Associate Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Tony Estrada

  • Professor, Mexican American Studies

Kitt Farrell-Poe

  • Department Head, Specialist, and Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Frank Feagans

  • Senior Director, Enterprise Applications Services, University Information Technology Services

Jim Field

  • Assistant Dean, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Karen Filippelli

  • Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

Melissa Fitch

  • University Distinguished Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Jenny Flynn

  • Associate Vice President, Foundation Development and the GIFT Center, University of Arizona Foundation

Lars Fogelin

  • Associate Professor, Anthropology

Karen Francis-Begay

  • Assistant Vice President, Tribal Relations, Office of the President

Marla Franco

  • Director, Assessment & Research, Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management | Academic Initiatives and Student Success

Jeremy Frumkin

  • Assistant Dean, Chief Technology Strategist
  • Team Leader, Scholarly Publishing and Data Management Team, University Libraries

Mika Galilee-Belfer

  • Academic Affairs Manager, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Francisco A. R. García

  • Distinguished Outreach Professor of Public Health and Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Director, Center of Excellence in Women's Health

Lynn B. Gerald

  • Associate Dean/Canyon Ranch Endowed Chair/Professor, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • Scientist, Arizona Respiratory Center

Rakhi Gibbons

  • Assistant Director for Biomedical and Life Sciences Licensing, Tech Launch Arizona

Tannis Gibson

  • Professor and Assistant Director, School of Music

David Glickenstein

  • Associate Professor & Associate Head for Graduate Program, Mathematics

Arthur Gmitro

  • Professor and Department Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Paulo Goes

  • Salter Professor of Technology and Management
  • Head, Management Information Systems Department

Scott Going

  • Professor and Interim Department Head, Department of Nutritional Sciences

Denise Gosé

  • Associate Director, Center for Creative Photography

Michael Halpern

  • Associate Professor and Section Director, Public Health Policy & Management

Ron Hammer

  • Professor, Basic Medical Sciences

Erika Hanson Barnes

  • Senior Associate Athletics Director
  • Senior Woman Administrator Athletics

Patricia Harrison-Monroe

  • Chief of Behavioral Health Services, University of Arizona Medical Center - South Campus
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Bryan Heidorn

  • Associate Professor, School of Information Resources and Library Science, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Director, School of Information Resources and Library Science, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jennifer N. Hiatt

  • Executive Director, Residence Life

Melanie Hingle

  • Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences
  • Assistant Professor, Public Health

Keisuke Hirano

  • APS Professor of Economics
  • Head, Department of Economics

Doug Hockstad

  • Director, Tech Transfer Arizona

Ginger Hunt

  • Director of Online Learning and Instructional Design, James E. Rogers College of Law

Jane Hunter

  • Director, Academic Resources & Special Projects
  • Associate Professor of Practice

Chris Impey

  • University Distinguished Professor, Deputy Department Head, Astronomy

Buell T. Jannuzi

  • Head, Department of Astronomy
  • Director, Steward Observatory

R. Brooks Jeffery

  • Professor with joint appointments in Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Coordinator, Heritage Conservation Graduate Certificate Program
  • Director, Drachman Institute

Kate Maguire Jensen

  • Assistant VP Marketing, Office of External Relations

Hope Jensen Schau

  • Associate Dean, Eller MBA Programs
  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Gary M. Munsinger Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bruce Johnson

  • Professor of Environmental Learning & Science Education
  • Head, Department of Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
  • Co-Director, UA STEM Learning Center

Kimberly Jones

  • Associate Dean, College of Humanities

Samuel M. Keim

  • Professor and Interim Head, Department of Emergency Medicine

John Kemeny

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering

Rajesh Khanna

  • Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Monica Kilcullen Pastor

  • Associate Programmatic Area Agent, Agricultural Literacy & School Garden Food Safety, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cooperative Extension

Amy C. Kimme Hea

  • Associate Professor, Rhetoric, Composition, & Teaching of English
  • Director, Writing Program, Department of English

Sara Knepper

  • Director - Academic Advising

John L. Koprowski

  • Professor, Natural Resources & the Environment
  • Director, Mt. Graham Biology Programs

Etta Kralovec

  • Associate Professor of Teacher Education
  • Director of Secondary Education programs

Amanda Kraus

  • Associate Director, Disability Resources
  • Assistant Professor of Practice, Higher Education

Marwan Krunz

  • Kenneth VonBehren Endowed Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kent Kwoh

  • Professor, Department of Medicine

Jeannie Lee

  • Associate Professor and Assistant Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science

Benjamin Lee

  • Professor and Chief, Division of Urology

Chrissy Lieberman

  • Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students Office

Kirsten Limesand

  • Associate Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences

David Lowenthal

  • Professor and Associate Head, Department of Computer Science

Eric Lyons

  • Assistant Professor, School of Plant Science

Joann MacMaster

  • Director, Business Development, Tech Launch Arizona

Matt Mars

  • Associate Dean, Outreach College

Stuart E. Marsh

  • Interim Director and Professor School of Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Chair, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Arid Lands Resource Sciences
  • Professor School of Geography and Development

Pilar A. Martinez

  • Senior Director for Strategic Communications, Office of University Communications

Derek Masseth

  • Senior Director, Client & Infrastructure Services, University Information Technology Services

Brian Mayer

  • Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Ken McAllister

  • Professor, English

Abra McAndrew

  • Director, Academic Initiatives and Project Development

Rudy B. McCormick III

  • Director, Early Academic Outreach

Shelley McGrath

  • Senior Director, Academic Programs and Transfer Coordination
  • Co-Director, Degree Tracker IT Project

Ann McGuigan

  • Director, Research Development, Office for Research & Discovery

Barbara (Bobbi) McKean

  • Associate Director and Associate Professor, Theatre, School of Theatre, Film and Television
  • Faculty Director, Bachelor of General Studies, Colleges of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Leerom Medovoi

  • Professor and Department Head, English

Robin L. Meeks

  • Director, Student Affairs Marketing

Thomas Meixner

  • Associate Head of Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources

Norma Mendoza-Denton

  • Associate Professor, School of Anthropology

Catherine Merrill

  • Project Manager Giant Magellan Telescope Primary Mirror Segments, Steward Observatory

Jen Meyers Pickard

  • Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications, Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Rafael A. Meza

  • Director, Undergraduate Recruitment - Enrollment Services
  • Assistant Dean - Undergraduate Admissions

Francisco Moreno

  • Deputy Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Medicine
  • Professor of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Myra Muramoto

  • Professor, Family & Community Medicine, College of Medicine

Victoria E. Murrain

  • Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education
  • Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine

Anthony Muscat

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

J.C. Mutchler

  • Associate Research Historian, Southwest Studies Center

Simran Nirh

  • Senior Director, University Analytics & Institutional Research

Ingrid Novodvorsky

  • Director, College of Science Teacher Prep Program
  • Faculty Fellow for Instruction and Assessment

Anna O'leary

  • Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American Studies

Kimberly Ogden

  • Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Lisa Ordóñez

  • Professor, Management & Organizations and Marketing

Allison Otu

  • Director of Outreach & Communications, College of Medicine - Phoenix

Maliaca Oxnam

  • Associate Librarian, Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship

Suzanne Panferov

  • Director, Center for English as a Second Language
  • Faculty, ELL and SLAT

Sairam Parthasarathy

  • Professor of Medicine, College of Medicine - Tucson

Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman

  • Associate Curator, Arizona State Museum
  • Associate Director & Associate Professor, School of Anthropology

Sangita Pawar

  • Assistant Dean, Research, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Francisco Pedroza

  • Assistant Dean, Business & Finance, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Garth Perry

  • Assistant Director, Budget Office

Jadwiga Pieper Mooney

  • Associate Professor of History and Chair of Gender and Women's Studies, GWS and History

David Pietz

  • Professor, East Asian Studies
  • Director, Global Studies
  • UNESCO Chair in Environmental History

Linda Price

  • Department Head, Marketing

Tanisha N. Price-Johnson

  • Director of Admissions, College of Medicine

Jeffrey Ratje

  • Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Peter Reiners

  • Department Head and Professor, Department of Geosciences

Verónica Reyes-Escudero

  • Associate Librarian, University Libraries
  • Borderlands Curator, Special Collections

Susan Richards

  • Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration

Mari Ricker

  • Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Mark Riley

  • Professor and Department Head, Ag. and Biosystems Engineering

Helena Rodrigues

  • Director, HR Strategy and Planning, Division of Human Resources

Lisa Romero

  • Senior Director, Communications and Public Affairs, BIO5 Institute

Andrea Romero

  • Fitch Nesbitt Professor, Family Studies & Human Development, Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Cecilia Rosales

  • Director of Phoenix Programs, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • Associate Professor and Chair of Public Health Practice, Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Lisa Rulney

  • Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration

Rebekah Salcedo

  • Director, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

David Sbarra

  • Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Director of Clinical Training, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Schatzberg

  • Eller Professor of Accounting and Vice-Dean, Eller College of Management

Steven Schwartz

  • Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kerry Schwartz

  • Director, Arizona Project WET
  • Associate Specialist, Arizona Cooperative Extension

Christopher Scott

  • Director and Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
  • Professor, School of Geography & Development, and University Distinguished Scholar
  • Director, CAZMEX - Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Environments

Karen K. Seat

  • Director, Religious Studies Program
  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Tricia Serio

  • Professor and Department Head, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Rachel Serrano

  • Manager, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Services

Linda Shaw

  • Professor and Department Head, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

Sonia Shiri

  • Assistant Professor & Middle East Language Program Director, Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Jason T. Shuffitt

  • Associate Dean, Learning & Healthcare Technology Innovation
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

Rick Sias

  • Professor and Tyler Family Chair in Finance
  • Finance Department Head, Eller College of Management

Brian Silverstein

  • Associate Professor, School of Anthropology, Center for Turkish Studies

Jerel E. Slaughter

  • Professor, Department Head, Management & Organizations

Shane A. Snyder

  • Professor - Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Professor (Joint) – Soil, Water, and Environmental Science
  • Professor (Joint) – Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • Co-Director - Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC)
  • Member - BIO5 Institute

Robert J. Sommerfeld

  • Commander, The University of Arizona Police Department

Young-Jun Son

  • Professor and Department Head, Systems and Industrial Engineering

S. Patricia Stock

  • Professor, Department of Entomology

Tim Swindle

  • Director, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
  • Head, Department of Planetary Sciences
  • Director, Arizona/NASA Space Grant Consortium

Douglas Taren

  • Associate Dean, Academic Affairs-Public Health

Marilyn Taylor

  • Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration, Office of the Provost

Brian C. Ten Eyck

  • Director of Research Development, College of Engineering

Debra Tomanek

  • Assistant Vice Provost for Instruction & Assessment
  • Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Professor, College of Science Teacher Preparation Program

Stephanie Troutman

  • Assistant Professor of Emerging Literacies/Director- Southern Arizona Writing Project, Department of English

Mary Beth Tucker

  • Director, Office of Institutional Equity

J. Scott Tyo

  • Professor of Optical Sciences
  • Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Todd W. Vanderah

  • Professor and Interim Head, Department of Pharmacology, COM
  • Professor Anesthesiology & Neurology, COM
  • Director of the Medical Nervous System Block, COM

Jean Vock

  • Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration, Eller College of Management

Emily Walsh

  • Associate Vice President, Development Research & Resources, University of Arizona Foundation

Karna Walter

  • Assistant Dean for Student Engagement, Honors College

Kendal Washington White

  • Senior Associate Dean, Dean of Students Office

Christina Wesanen-Neil

  • Senior Director, Leadership & Career Education

Betsy Woodhouse

  • Deputy Director, Institute of the Environment

Jane Zavisca

  • Associate Dean for Research in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Associate Professor, Sociology

Praise Zenenga

  • Associate Professor and Program Director, Africana Studies/SILLC

Xubin Zeng

  • Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Lynn Zwaagstra

  • Director, Campus Recreation